Oeps ...

The new US president is losing it much sooner than I dared to fear.

Republicans are having a field day, forgetting that their candidate probably would have done much worse still.

But the contrarian that I am could not resist the following :

We heard it over and over on the campaign trail, “experience doesn’t matter,” “experience got us in this mess,” “what we need now is leadership,” and so on, ad nauseum. And a healthy portion of independent voters eventually bought into this canard.

Now, some of the president’s apologists have the gall to tell us that we cannot criticize the administration so early in the game. Said Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post, “expecting the Obama team to operate perfectly under these conditions is like expecting a first-year med student to perform surgery.” Ms. Marcus is absolutely correct. This is why we tend to avoid having first year med students perform surgery and why we definitely don’t want to elect their political equivalent to the presidency."

Read : http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/02/charm_is_not_an_economic_polic.html.

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pablo said...

Ik krimp van plaatsvervangende schaamte : de burgemeester van Tremelo heeft de Amerikaanse president uitgenodigd naar aanleiding van de heiligverklaring van Jozef De Veuster. Waarom maakt de heer burgemeester niet direct een soort Damiaanpark van zijn dorp ?

Beurk ... De contrarian die Damiaan was zou dat zeker niet geapprecieerd hebben !