Learning process

Did I go through a learning process last week? No, I most certainly did not. Nothing has surprised me, nothing at all. But a lot of things which I already knew have been confirmed.

Never ever make people feel they might need to help you ; some may never forgive you for it.

By the way I still feel too feeble to burn the little energy I have on blogging and posting. My concentration still is traveling south.


lady B said...

If you oblige people morally to help yoou're doing something wrong. Good people will do it naturally, and there's nothing wrong with that. Those are real friends.

Are you feeling better yet? X

LANDEGEM said...

tcc is back??
en volledig genezen??

pablo said...

Tank you, sister Scholoastica ! Lol !

En voor Landegem : neen, en neen.